Who is Teacher Alula?

Hello Moms and Dads of Juniper Tree,

My name is Ariam Alula Frezghi. You may call me Ariam or Alula, as your son and daughter calls me. I am from New York City which you have probably heard is a large, fast-paced city in the United States where people from all over the world live and play. Living in Zhubei has been delightfully calming so far.

In 2013 I graduated with a degree in journalism and soon after began traveling to gain a better understanding of who I am and to experience different cultures while connecting with people from various backgrounds. Taiwan is the fourth country I’ve have been to which follows China (2016), Eritrea (2014) and Turkey (2013). Over the past two years, I have taught English language learners in many spaces including an after-school program and language center in my hometown, a summer camp, and a Montessori kindergarten in Beijing earlier this year. My students’ ages range from 2 to 68 years old. It’s never too late (or early, for that matter) to learn a language!  

As your child’s English teacher in Juniper, I bring strengths-based communication and lightheartedness in the classroom. I enjoy working with students who want to learn, therefore, it is my duty to keep them engaged at work with them to reach a level that demonstrates their full potential. Also, your child will learn some of the ways to take autonomy of their learning. I always encourage students to ask lots and lots of questions. I want you to feel comfortable asking me questions, too, about anything related to your child’s learning. I am not only your child’s teacher, but I am his/her mentor, coach, older sister, and someone who can be trusted.  

I look forward to working with your family at Oak Tree this semester.

Ariam Alula (Teacher Alula) 



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