Letter of the Week: Wh, Wh, Wh, W!

Down, up, down, up.

All students’ had been instructed to put one finger in the air and follow this motion: down, up, down, and up. I encourage learners who are new speakers of the English language to use this method to help practice recognition, memorization, and pronunciation of all 26 English alphabet letters.


image1 (9).JPG

A berry traces the letter of the week during our Phonics lesson in the Juniper Tree classroom at Oak Tree Kindergarten. photo credit: Teacher Alula 


In my K3 (Kindergarten, level 3) class, we average around three Phonics lessons per week. Two of the materials I used that are supplied by the school include Big Phonics Book and Finger Phonics Book. One book is big. The other is small. Which means the size is an advantage and dictates how we use them during our lessons. If you have noticed the picture above then you can infer our letter of the week is ”

If you have noticed the picture above then you can infer our letter of the week is “Ww.”

“A W is written like this…”, I say, “down and up and again.”

This exercise works well with learners’ who gain several benefits from revisiting the sound and shape of the letter of the week several times throughout the week.

Our Big Phonics Book (not pictured here) contains two-sentence stories, visuals, and a hand motion exercise for every letter and letter blend (two letters together that make one sound) in the English language. The pages are large enough to be displayed in front of everyone which makes Read Aloud sessions capable for me and all teachers. The Finger Phonics Book is more personal because the students’ are encouraged to trace their finger over the letter in a repetitive motion.

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Another reason why I prefer to implement this component into our lessons is because students’ are able to practice the *sound* of the letter, not just how to write it on paper or with fabric. photo credit: Teacher Alula

Here are the top five common words used by Juniper students’ that start with the letter “W”:
1. water
2. windy
3. watermelon
4. water bottle
5. window 
Can you think of any word that your little one knows or is learning in school?