An Alphabet Poem: J.U.N.I.P.E.R

J stands for Jean and Jasmine who have personalities that are sometimes opposite of each other. Jean is outwardly playful while Jasmine likes to cover her mouth and hide her face every time she laughs. I love them (and every Juniper berry) the same.

U stands for one of our weather-related words “umbrella“. It was one of the first words in English that everyone learned to say in their first semester at Oak Tree!

N stands for ‘no’ which is a magical two-letter word that quiets Juniper down when they’re hyper. I say ‘no’ and put my hand up to signal them to stop talking and (sometimes) it works!

I stands for “I love you” which the students’ learned to say to me in their first semester every time one of them drew or (saw a heart being drawn by someone else) in the classroom during our down time. Nearly every CTP worksheet is filled with houses and hearts on the back. 

P stands for paper and pencil and Phonics [book] — three out of seven classroom items passed out and collected by three different students every week. (They like being called “line leaders” and “little helpers”.)

E stands for English which some of the students’ in Juniper Tree began learning before they entered our classroom last September. I’m proud to say they ALL speak English today 🙂

R stands for reading which is one of my favorite hobbies. Teacher Alula (that’s me!) likes to pull out books from the library corner near our classroom and open up the book to read to everyone patiently waiting for their classmates to finish drinking water while sitting on the yellow line. I encourage you to read to your child every day!