Daisy Makes a Pizza…YUM!

A small girl with a BIG personality is featured in Juniper Tree’s first online classroom video.

It’s nine seconds long so be sure to hear what she has to say!

View here


Kindergarten Math: Another Go Round of Rubber Bands

On a sunny Thursday afternoon we took a few more minutes toying around with black rubber bands from our I Love Math bags. Every Juniper berry has this bag which includes a set of 20 something stretchy bands that help them recreate the designs displayed in their Math workbooks.

During our Math lessons, students are exposed to a range of activities like matching, counting, and following patterns on page maps. On this exact page students’ are expected to repeat the same designs from their page to the grid board. (See pictures above).

Juniper students were free to create ANY design on their blue boards. I did not monitor them. I did not draw up any ideas on the board. I did not tell them how to do it. Everything pictured here is from the student’s imagination.

I see a clock.

I see the letter “Y”.

I see a sunflower.

What do you see on the students’ boards?


Rubber Band Names


The students’ bedazzled their square nail boards in an impromptu craft lesson on Wednesday, December 28, 2016.

Using rubber bands supplied in their “I Love Math” tool box, they were able to spell their names all on their own! One student started and others quickly followed. Prior to this, the students’ had been using popsicle sticks borrowed from the Montessori corner to spell their name. That exercise inspired them to take on a more hands-on, self-led class project.

Not only have the students mastered spelling their names this semester, but they are able to read and call out the names of their peers each week while distributing classroom materials. Each week we have a new set of helpers, or “little teachers” as I like to call them.

It has been an honor to work with fourteen creative minds in Oak Tree’s newest K3 classroom, Juniper Tree.